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Balancing Studies and High Earnings: A Compilation of Money-Making Strategies Using Social Media

TOKYO, Feb 02 (News On Japan) - In the modern era, it's possible to earn money from the comfort of your own home. With the Ray generation, work styles have diversified, so we've explored the reality of this phenomenon! In this feature, we introduce "Web writing," "live streaming," and "SNS management" as potential income sources. First, understand your own type and find the earning method that fits "your aptitude" perfectly

Finding the Right Earning Method Based on "Your Aptitude" While working part-time in a restaurant might seem common, there might be more suitable jobs for you out there. By understanding your own type, you can broaden your perspective, so why not start with some self-analysis?

Check!1 Web Writer - You enjoy crafting sentences - You frequently read books and magazines - You like gathering information

A web writer, who creates articles for online media, can earn in three ways: per character, per article, or hourly wage. Research skills are crucial, and experienced writers can earn between 300,000 to 500,000 yen per month, while beginners might earn about half that amount. The freedom to choose where to work also makes it easier to balance with academic commitments!

Check!2 Live Streaming - You enjoy talking to people - You're not shy around strangers - You spend a lot of time at home

Earning through live streaming, using apps like MixChannel or TikTok, mainly comes from fans, referred to as listeners, who send tips. It's easy to start with just a smartphone, and there's no need for video editing, making it an accessible option. While the system varies slightly by app, you can earn 20-30% of the revenue, and with a strong following, it's possible to earn up to 1 million yen per month.

Check!3 SNS Management - You frequently post on SNS - You're good at data analysis - You enjoy meticulous work

Those proficient in SNS often choose SNS management. The main tasks involve managing a company's official SNS account, sharing information, and communicating with customers to enhance the company's image. With daily posts and data analysis, the job offers a wide range of tasks, and the potential earnings vary from 30,000 to 500,000 yen per month. Developing planning skills can also be a great advantage when job hunting!

Source: MDPR

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