Food | Feb 09

Starbucks Unveils New 'Sakura Matcha' Drink for Spring

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - Starbucks has launched a limited-time offering in its chilled cup series, the "Starbucks Sakura Matcha with Sakura Jelly," priced at 230 yen. The packaging is dominated by pink, with a charming design featuring sakura motifs, and three-colored lines represent the layered flavors of "sakura," "matcha," and "milk."

The current creation is a masterpiece that combines the elegant fragrance of sakura with the smooth flavor of matcha and creamy milk. Additionally, the inclusion of "sakura jelly" adds an interesting texture to the experience.

The Taste Everyone's Curious About... Upon inspection, the contents are more of a matcha green than the expected pink. Tasting it, the flavor of matcha is prominent, with a hint of sakura aroma. It's milkier and creamier than imagined, making for an irresistible drinking experience.

Furthermore, with 7% peach juice used, there's a gentle waft of sweet yet fresh peach aroma that perfectly complements the drink. Of course, the texture of the sakura jelly is also enjoyable, and personally, I found it to be a likable product. Even those who are not fond of coffee-based items can enjoy this without worry.

"Totally Sakura" Comments Emerge As a seasonal product, "Starbucks Sakura Matcha with Sakura Jelly" has garnered considerable attention. On X (formerly Twitter), various reactions were seen, including "Sakura!!!! It's here!!!!", "Feels like I'm getting a jump on spring", "It was delicious! Recommended!", "Totally sakura", and "Super tasty."

This new item is perfect for when you want to feel cozy, and it seems like a great way to get a head start on spring.

Source: MDPR


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