Travel | Feb 11

Himeji Castle's Western Keep Opens for First Time

Hyōgo, Feb 11 (News On Japan) - In celebration of its 30th anniversary as a World Heritage site, Himeji Castle has, for the first time, opened its "Western Small Keep" to the public.

This inaugural public unveiling of the "Western Small Keep," located to the west of the main keep (大天守), reveals a structure connected to multiple other keeps by covered bridges, spanning three floors above ground and two below. This architectural feature served as a critical defensive point to protect the main keep from enemy attacks, equipped with "narrow windows" for firing guns and "stone-dropping" areas to combat enemies directly below.

Visitors have expressed their fascination with this unique opportunity. One tourist remarked, "It offered a different perspective compared to viewing from the main keep," highlighting the novelty of the experience. Another shared, "If enemies approached from the west, this corner would be the first line of defense, so it's built on a vantage point, which I found quite intriguing."

The special opening of the "Western Small Keep" is scheduled until February 29, providing a rare chance for visitors to explore a lesser-known aspect of Himeji Castle.

Source: MBS NEWS


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