Japan land prices recover from COVID to rise fastest in 15 years

地方住宅地28年ぶり上昇 公示地価、コロナ回復加速

Nikkei -- Mar 23
Japan land prices gained the most in 15 years as a loose monetary policy and the lifting of COVID restrictions fueled demand for offices, condominiums and hotels.

As of Jan. 1, prices were 1.6% higher than a year earlier, a second straight annual gain, data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport showed on Wednesday. A rise of 0.6% was recorded as of the previous New Year's Day. Prices marked as of the beginning of January 2021 had dropped 0.5% due to the pandemic. ...continue reading

Mar 23 (Kyodo) - 国土交通省が22日発表した公示地価(1月1日時点)は、全用途の全国平均が前年比プラス1・6%で2年続けて上がった。  ...continue reading

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