Japan PM tackles generated AI at Tokyo University

岸田総理 東大で生成AIのプログラミング体験

TOKYO, Aug 15 (News On Japan) - Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited the University of Tokyo during his summer break to attend a lecture on generated AI programming.

Under the guidance of Professor Toyohisa Matsumoto, head of the "AI Strategy Council" of the University of Tokyo Graduate School, Kishida experienced creating a series of programs involving training data input for generated AI to improve its accuracy.

They worked on creating a model that produces more accurate speech manuscripts by training on past prime ministerial speeches and statements.

Kishida aims to lead the international rule-making process of the "Hiroshima AI Process," which is being promoted among G7 countries.

The prime minister delved deeper into the topic over the summer vacation by purchasing the book "Understanding ChatGPT & Generated AI".

Aug 15 (ANNnewsCH) - 岸田総理大臣は夏休みを利用して東京大学を訪れ、生成AIの講義を受けました。  ...continue reading

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