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Sansho Pepper: How Locals Use Japanese Pepper in Their Cuisine

Wakayama, Jan 13 (Japan by Food) - In this episode, Phoebe visits Wakayama's scenic countryside where she spends the day exploring the unique taste of sansho pepper and its various use.

Phoebe experiences the refreshing aroma and intense numbing sensation that sansho spice is famous for. Made from the peppercorns of the prickly ash tree, sansho causes a slight numbing sensation when eaten, adding to the spice.

Phoebe makes her own sansho from scratch, and enjoys trying all the different ways it can complement food. From curry, salad to pound cake or ice cream, sansho pepper can be enjoyed with any food to add a new dimension to the dining experience.

Aridagawa Town in has a long history of growing budo sansho pepper which is also referred to as "green diamond". Mr. Nagaoka from Kanja Sansho-en has been working on spreading the appeal of this luxury spice and is now on the mission of teaching people how they can incorporate it their daily cooking. ...continue reading


or as long as Shohei Ohtani plays for the Dodgers -- which will be at least for the next decade -- May 17 will be known as “Shohei Ohtani Day” in Los Angeles County. (MLB)

Two residents of Sapporo who died earlier this month likely succumbed to food poisoning caused by mistakenly consuming toxic autumn crocus, according to the Sapporo City Health Department. The department confirmed on May 17 that the deaths were indeed due to poisoning from this plant.

A revised Civil Code introducing 'joint custody' for children after divorce has been passed by the Diet. This marks the first time in 77 years that Japan has reviewed the approach to post-divorce custody.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested three leaders of the political group 'Tsubasa Party' on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act by disrupting the speeches of other candidates during a House of Representatives by-election in Tokyo's 15th district. Investigators view this as a "challenge to democracy" and plan to pursue a thorough investigation.

An event allowing visitors to experience life in 2050 has launched in Tokyo, including an elevator which enables transportation to space via a cable extending from a satellite to Earth.



Have you ever experienced the sudden disappearance of your local sushi shop? Amid the success of major conveyor belt sushi chains, 'neighborhood sushi shops' are now facing an existential crisis.

Japanese workers are tightening their belts when it comes to expenditure on weekday lunches, as more people become conscious of saving money due to rising prices.

Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has issued a warning about the dangers of consuming alcohol and energy drinks together.

Today, as a seasoned food content creator and influencer, Stephanie from Australia is ready to be your guide through the bustling streets of Tokyo and beyond. In this new series, with her insider knowledge and knack for uncovering hidden gems, she'll show you how to savor Japanese cuisine, even if you're still mastering the language. (Japan by Food)

Japan's beloved soul food, udon, is experiencing a new wave of innovation. In the fiercely competitive "udon battleground" of Tokyo, where renowned eateries from across Japan converge, a fresh movement is reshaping the traditional noodle scene. New udon creations are being churned out as part of a spirited battle for survival among these establishments.

A scandal involving the mislabeling of the brand crab "Maizuru Crab" was uncovered last month in a small port town in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, a deception has been carried out systematically for many years.

Tuna sandwiches, tuna onigiri, and even tuna pasta are popular dishes, but what should be done with the juice inside tuna cans? Some people discard it, while others use it in cooking. The question arises, what's the manufacturer's recommendation?

From May 17 to 19, 2024, Tokyo's culinary landscape will come alive at the "Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum," a gastronomy event that promises a feast for the senses. Set in the picturesque Symbol Promenade Park in Ariake, Tokyo, the festival will gather some of Tokyo's most beloved eateries for a three-day extravaganza of food, fun, and festivity.